Leeds: our city, our people, our children

Through the delivery of the golden thread of teacher development Leeds Teaching School Hub offers access to truly exceptional CPD opportunities. We ensure that colleagues from across the city region, at every stage of their career, from Initial Teacher Training to Executive Leadership, are supported and guided through a variety of exciting and expertly delivered CPD programmes.

A major focus of Leeds Teaching School Hub will be disadvantage, we are devoted to ensuring that disadvantaged children, at all points in their educational journey, remain our central point of focus in all that we do.

The educational performance of disadvantaged children continues to be a major focus of Leeds Teaching School Hub; we are devoted the ensuring that children whose lives are characterised by privation remain our central point of focus in all that we do.

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Early Career Framework (ECF)

The ECF forms part of a high-quality two-year induction programme for newly qualified teachers, ensuring they benefit from the rigorous requirements in their first two years of teaching.

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National Professional Qualifications (NPQ)

NPQs are brilliantly delivered to enhance the work of teachers and leaders in the Leeds city region who aspire to expand their knowledge and skills.

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Appropriate Body

Our responsibility as an Appropriate Body is to meet local need within Leeds and to ensure that statutory entitlements for Early Career Teachers are met.

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Initial Teacher Training (ITT)

Our core responsibility in ITT is to provide trainees with the best possible start to their career, aligning with ECF to establish a three year structured package of exceptional support.

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Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

CPD programmes allow LTSH the opportunity to build upon the success of our face-to-face NPQ programmes and our personalised, fully supportive ECF delivery.

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