Vision for Leeds Teaching School Hub

A united community with a united vision for our city

The Yusuf Plan

In taking on the responsibility of teaching school hub status for Leeds we recognised the importance of the opportunity that was being afforded to us. As a consequence, we have worked closely with our partners, including our local authority, to begin the development of a new plan for education in Leeds which at this stage we have called The Yusuf Plan. The reason that we have named the plan after Yusuf is because he was a little boy from our city of nursery age who was killed in a road traffic accident in 2018.

Yusuf was from a very disadvantaged background and we want to think in our plan about how we ensure that every child in our city, including someone as disadvantaged as Yusuf, has a guarantee to a very strong educational provision from pre-school to post-16.

At this stage, our plan is at an early stage in its development and over the coming months we will work with our strategic partners in Leeds Teaching School Hub to shape the plans for our city and its schools over the next decade.