To register your interest in using Leeds Teaching School Hub as your Appropriate Body, please contact us via [email protected]

From September 2021, Leeds Teaching School Hub has delivered the statutory requirements as an Appropriate Body for Early Career Teachers. Our responsibility is to meet local need within Leeds, as all schools must register with an Appropriate Body, to ensure that statutory entitlements for Early Career Teachers are met. In addition to this, Appropriate Bodies have had an increased responsibility from September 2021 to ensure that the Early Career Framework is being delivered through a programme of support.

Leeds Teaching School Hub has built on the successful practices already in place from our work as an Appropriate Body at The Morley Academy. We continue to be committed to ensuring that our approach is diligent so that all Early Career Teachers are fairly and consistently assessed against the Teachers’ Standards and have experienced the best possible support and training to allow them to meet the requirements. The Appropriate Body provides independent quality assurance of the ECT’s two-year induction.

Leeds Teaching School Hub uses the ECT Manager online portal for smooth, secure, paperless management of the Appropriate Body service. If you require any further information regarding our Appropriate Body services please email [email protected].

What is an Appropriate Body (AB)?

Appropriate Bodies play a key quality assurance role in statutory teacher induction and have two main functions. Firstly, Appropriate Bodies ensure that Early Career Teachers are receiving their statutory entitlements, this includes supporting schools to provide Early Career Teachers with an ECF-based induction. Secondly, the Appropriate Body ensures that the assessment of whether the Early Career Teacher has satisfactorily met the Teachers’ Standards is both fair and appropriate, based on the Headteacher’s/Principal’s recommendation.

How is the Appropriate Body different from the Early Career Framework?

The Early Career Framework is a professional development programme that provides training for both Early Career Teachers and mentors. The Appropriate Body monitors the induction of Early Career Teachers including statutory entitlements, support and assessment.

Leeds Teaching School Hub’s Appropriate Body will register Early Career Teachers on all ECF-based induction routes.

The Appropriate Body at Leeds Teaching School Hub.

Leeds Teaching School Hub Appropriate Body works with schools across Leeds and beyond. We have an experienced and knowledgeable team who are approachable and provide schools with clear and timely advice.

When you register with the Appropriate Body at Leeds Teaching School Hub we will ECT Manager so that induction tutors have all of the key documentation in one place for all ECTs.

Appropriate Bodies are required to carry out regular visits to schools as part of our statutory duties. Leeds Teaching School Hub carry out bi-annual quality assurance visits to all schools that we work with, these are carried out in a supportive manner and include meetings with the Headteacher/Principal, Induction Tutor, mentors and Early Career Teachers as well as lesson visits.

The Appropriate Body Team at Leeds Teaching School Hub also offer bespoke support if there are any issues, questions or queries during induction.

How to register an Early Career Teacher with Leeds Teaching School Hub Appropriate Body?

To register with Leeds Teaching School Hub’s Appropriate Body, please contact is on [email protected] and will respond promptly with the next steps.

LTSH Appropriate Body Network Meetings

Leeds Teaching School Hub works closely with Induction Tutors so that they are clear about their role and how to support the ECTs within their schools.

Please see the dates of the up and coming Appropriate Body Network Meetings below

monday 10 july 4pm