As an exceptional Initial Teacher Training provider, training both primary and secondary trainees, GORSE SCITT is a larger than average SCITT training in the region of 180 trainees each year. In fact, GORSE SCITT has trained over 2000 trainees over the last ten years.

Trainees experience a minimum of two contrasting placements throughout their training year. There are opportunities for trainees to be placed in a wide range of locations across Yorkshire including Leeds, Bradford, Hull and East Yorkshire. Powerful relationships between GORSE SCITT and partner schools ensure that trainees receive exceptional support.

GORSE SCITT has embedded a comprehensive primary and secondary curriculum that is built upon a clear evidence base. The clearly mapped course provides opportunities for trainees to master the five core areas and to successfully apply what they learn in training on placement.

The GORSE SCITT training programme ensures that trainees are thoroughly prepared for successful careers in teaching, ensuring that they have a positive impact on the lives of young people.

Our Aim

Our aim, based upon our existing success, is to produce teachers dedicated to ensuring that all young people, regardless of background, are purposeful and happy in their education and lives.

This means the development of the sensitive skills needed for the removing of barriers to learning, but also the capacity to nurture all abilities so they thrive. This will ensure that the recruitment, training and supply of trainee teachers within Leeds is world class, sharing even more fully the practice that The GORSE Academies Trust and our other partners across Yorkshire and Humberside have benefitted from over the last eight years.

Our core responsibility in Initial Teacher Training is to provide trainees with the best possible start to their career. Expertly utilising the ITT core content framework that draws on the best available evidence and aligns with the Early Career Framework to establish a three year structured package of exceptional support. However, this is the baseline, the foundation of our ambitious curriculum for teacher training; we believe that if teachers are to provide expert and rich learning then they themselves must be provided with this; that is exactly what we do.

GORSE SCITT is making a significant and growing contribution to the supply of high-quality teachers to schools in Leeds and neighbouring areas.

Our plans for Teacher Training are built around the success of GORSE SCITT, which was inspected in Spring 2023 and was again judged as Outstanding in all areas: Overall Effectiveness, Quality of Education and Leadership and Management. We currently train 250 colleagues each year, from EYFS through to Post-16 and see it as a privilege and moral imperative to continue and extend this provision.