ECF Testimonials

Induction Tutor

Headlands School 

As an induction tutor this year, I have seen the ECF bring real quality to our mentor meetings. The structured curriculum guides the weekly meetings to make sure that all important aspects of teaching practice are covered. This not only improves the quality and variety of discussion throughout the year, but also lifts pressure from busy mentors who do not need to break the year into a curriculum for themselves.

Our school is a distance from Leeds and LTSH has thoughtfully adapted the programme throughout the year to accommodate us. The bespoke hybrid model that they created for us has allowed our ECTs to access and engage in all elements of their training without having to make the long journey to Leeds and we are really grateful for the support they have given us.

One of the key things that I have learned from the programme is the value of ‘offline’ mentoring. The separation of mentoring and assessment has allowed trusting, non-judgemental relationships to develop between our ECTs and their mentors, providing the psychological security to better identify and address areas of development.   

Induction Tutor

Lightcliffe Academy  

I have been working with LTSH since September 2021 and have found their support throughout my first year as an induction tutor invaluable.

Through the ECF programme I have developed my skills and knowledge of the ‘on side mentoring’ and been able to support the mentors here at Lightcliffe around this style of mentoring. I have also developed my leadership skills as an induction tutor.

I have received a huge amount of support from LTSH, especially Anne- Marie Garnett who has supported with training on the UCL platform and has worked closely with our Science ECTs to offer advice and provide feedback around teaching and learning. The weekly updates that we receive from Anne-Marie are incredibly helpful and support mentors in the delivery of the programme.

During an Ofsted visit in March 2022, the ECF programme at Lightcliffe was part of the review process. With the support of LTSH this was a successful review and we received positive feedback around our support for ECTs.